We Can Do It...

From conceptual design to blossoming reality, every detail is carefully considered and executed, with an eye toward unique splendor, conscious use of land and natural resources and creating flow within architecture.  Our high-end custom homes are enchanting treasures that embody nature and endeavor with quieting symmetry. 

We say, and with great pride, that our custom homes not only represent our clients’ imaginations with remarkable clarity, but far surpass them in their capacity to delight. 

We are known to give a tree as much consideration as we might the column that supports the structure, as each artistic detail is part of a picture that will bloom into every living sanctuary.



As a General Contractor, MJM Construction LLC can be your New Home Builder; Renovations and Additions Contractor; or your Kitchen, Bathroom or Basement Remodeling Contractor.

  • When we act as a general contractor we either perform all of the construction work with our own employees, or we supervise the work of our subcontractors. We contract directly with the owner of the property and we handle all aspects of the construction work as agreed upon per the construction documents.
  • If you wish to engage us as a general contractor, we are glad to provide you with a competitive bid for your project. If you compare us with any other builder, home improvement contractor or remodeling contractor, we're confident that you'll be impressed with our workmanship and the range of services we offer.
  • Please be sure to provide us with a complete and final set of architectural plans that have been drawn up by a licensed architect. If you do not have plans, we can always work with you to develop plans in a Design and Build Contracting capacity.
  • Assuming you have final architectural plans, please provide us with a complete list of specifications desired for the project including: all lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile, flooring, doors and trim, hardware, wall and ceiling finishes, appliances, kitchen cabinets andcountertops, bathroom cabinets and countertops, as well as all other finishes and all design details ready for construction. If you or your architect is unable to provide complete specifications then we can always work with you develop these specifications as described in our Design and Build Contracting services.
  • We can usually provide a bid within two to four weeks assuming that all information has been provided.
  • If all of the information has not been provided then we may also bid the project including "allowances" for items that are not fully defined. In this way, the client can determine the choices for these allowance items at a later date while the project is underway.
  • After we finalize the bid, we meet with you in our office in order to completely review the itemized budget so that you can more easily compare our bid to those from other builders, home improvement contractors or remodeling contractors. It is especially important for the client to distinguish all of the details that we have included for all kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling projects.

MJM Construction LLC can be your Complete Home Improvement Contractor

  • Whether you are looking for a remodeling contractor to accomplish a basement remodeling project, a remodeling contractor to execute a complicated home renovation and addition project, or a builder to construct your new custom home; MJM Construction LLC can be the builder and home improvement contractor that you are looking for.
  • We can be your general contractor on any size project for which you have plans and specifications and we always strive to deliver exactly what we contract with you to do. We can be your single point of contact and coordinate all of the tradesman and suppliers for every aspect of the project.